Mark Zuckerberg, the King of Self-made Online Social Media Tycoons
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Mark Zuckerberg, the King of Self-made Online Social Media Tycoons

Mark Zuckerberg is a familiar household name to hundreds of millions of people across the globe, through the equally high number of members of his hugely successful social media platform, the mighty Facebook. In this article you will find what makes him so different from the traditional wealthy people of the past and why the massive social influence of the Internet will create even more billionaires in the future.

Above anything else, Mark Zuckerberg is probably the most prominent child of the Internet era.

What Zuckerberg has managed to achieve in such an astonishingly short time span, is simply out of comparison. In terms of money, his personal fortune has already skyrocketed to the billions and his business venture is still in its infancy.

This is a totally different model to what older tycoons of the day had followed in order to establish and expand their financial empires. Even Warren Buffett, already a successful businessman from a very young age, could not match the breathtaking, unprecedented pace of Zuckerberg’s wealth accumulation efforts.

Another big difference is that, while old-time moneymakers worshipped their only ultimate goal, i.e. to raise as much money they could, it would not be an exaggeration to state that Zuckerberg and his peers did what they did for fun, at first place, and financial success and wide recognition were more like a secondary target. Anyhow, if their software programs and applications did not offer any value to the user of the Internet, they would have been doomed to fail.

The huge financial success of social online media shows that nowadays, people will follow and be willing to part with their money, when they can be persuaded that they are not sold and that they have the freedom to opt in or out.

It is the massive free vote of people, in this case Internet users that has generated the new-day billionaires. This trend is not going to stop in the near future and there is room for wealth-makers to be born out of this revolution in the way that new money magnates will emerge in the years to come.

While this money-making journey can be some sort of a lone-ranger experience, due to the computer programming side of things, social acceptance and massive online participation of the crowds is what creates wealth.

Massive social acceptance and support are the reasons why it took Zuckerberg only a couple of years to set the foundations of Facebook’s online social dominance and raise more money than even the most successful individual entrepreneurs and/or organizations would have made in the course of decades of continuous growth.

The Internet’s lightning speed and communication potential has been the biggest ally on the side of its “golden teenagers” and “golden children, recalling the “golden boys” of the 80s. It seems that Zuckerber had the right knowledge and skills and was in the right place at the right moment.


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