How to Use Facebook As a Page
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How to Use Facebook As a Page

When Facebook redesigned Pages in February 2011 one of the features it implemented was the ability for administrators to use Facebook 'as' .a page. When, people “Like” yours page you will soon receive the notifications in the top left corner of Facebook. Yours settings of yours Facebook Page allows to set then default view of yours page and it arranges what you want to see as a default in then posts section of the page.

As the figure indicates, the Facebook is the most popular social networking platform in the internet. Facebook makes it easier for you to join the world and make yours own custom community, page, timeline and many more new and innovative features. Since its inception was in February 2004, with the mission “Giving people to power to share and make the world more open and connected “. People spends approximately seven billion minutes per month with the Facebook, so it is ultimately a marketers paradise for viral marketing and with the new feature Facebook as a page, it is an excellent tool for marketers to innovate and go for viral.

By using the Facebook as a Page you can navigate and interact with yours perspective and current customers with remarkable ease. When, people “Like” yours page you will soon receive the notifications in the top left corner of Facebook. Whatever you post or “Like” is also going to be notified inside yours page and letting yours friends and colleagues to know what you are sharing with the world. You can switch back to using the Facebook as your name by going to “Account” on yours top bar.

To use Facebook as a page, Select “Use Facebook as a Page” in the Account Menu in the top right corner of it.

Creating a Page:

To create a page, go to and then choose the type of the page that suit yours needs most from the existing choices. Then, click on the square to see the text box asking you then name of the page you wish to create. Then, upload a profile picture then add fans to yours page and then import contracts to share your pages with the contracts. Here you can add yours website and the description about yours page.

Editing your page:

 You can add a precise summary that will tell little information about yours organisation, public figure or business based on which you are using the Facebook as a page. Go to the “Edit Info” link under the page name.  Then, jump over to “Edit Page” at the top right corner of the page.  You can edit various type of information by going to respective tabs chosen from the left menu.

Your settings:

Yours settings of yours Facebook Page allows to set then default view of yours page and it arranges what you want to see as a default in then posts section of the page. To do this go to “Your Settings” segment of the “Edit Page” and then you can set up email notifications by clicking “View all email settings for yours pages” to enable other Page notifications.

Manage permissions:

“Manage permissions” link is located on the left side of the menu bar and the edit page defaults to Manage permissions. Administrator can block certain definitive, specified and identified words, phrases and they will be considered as spam and will not be appearing on the wall for the public view. They will be appearing to the administrator as grey and later if the administrator wishes to not spam then they can do from here. There is also the profanity verbal irrelevant speech or action setting, in which you can set it to none, medium or high. Facebook terms and conditions explain that “Facebook will block the most commonly reported words and phrases marked as offensive by the broader community.”

Basic information:

It is the company information that you wish to for the visitors of the page to learn about yours company. There are considerable amount of choices to select for yours business from the drop downs. You can enter the detail about yours organisation here. If you put the correct address here then you can check into this page using “Places” feature of Facebook. The unique URL can be changed to specific to yours organisational name once you achieved twenty five fans at yours Facebook page. Go to “Profile Picture “here you can add a picture for yours page, it is most likely to submit a clear and lucid logo of yours company.


Choose “Use Facebook as a Page” under your account at the top right corner of yours Facebook dashboard, then link the other page that relate with yours page. These liked pages are shown at the left side of yours page and from there you can select which page to be the featured page so that it will always stays at yours page. You can also feature the pictures of yours administration so that there is enough distinction between the individual and their company. So, in short with this feature you can give people who “Like” your page the more ways to connect with you. It is an excellent feature of Facebook but not known by too many webmasters.


Here, you can find the link to various guides written by Facebook team that let us know how to optimise the Facebook page usages and how to make great deal out from yours page. There are links to other features that can you use such as “Advertising on Facebook , “”Tell your fans ”, “Use Social Plugins ”,”Link Facebook and Twitter” and “Send an Update” and so on.. By using social plug in of Facebook as a page you can get a like button for yours website or blog. It is very simple, just follows the links “Get Code” to get the plug in code and then embedded that code into your website or blog.


It is similar to Google Analytics and for Facebook it is known as Insights. With this you can keep an eye on the metrics of yours contents. Click “View Insights” to learn about yours audience and the way they interact with yours page.

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