How to Get More Likes On Your Facebook Posts
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How to Get More Likes On Your Facebook Posts

There are many ways to get more Likes on your Facebook posts. When you increase the number of Likes, you improve traffic to your profile page and maintain interactions with both personal and professional contents. Ensure the quality you share is current and interesting, as well as being of good quality. You can also buy Facebook Fans and mention Friends within posts to get more Likes from your content.

There are several ways to increase the number of Likes you get to your posts on Facebook. Increase the number of times people press the “Like” button as an indicator that your Facebook profile page is being read and is interesting to Friends, and to keep up to date with personal and professional contacts.

Post Interesting, Current Content

While interesting is a subjective term, you can likely determine the interests of many of your Facebook Friends based on what they share on their own feed, their occupations and remarks they make on your profile. When you post information that relates to your Friends in some way, they are more likely to click the Like button on your Facebook posts.

Ensure your posts are current or up-to-date for information. Outdated content will drive people away from your posts rather than bringing you more Likes. Share on Facebook trending topics or a “this just happened” moment that you consider to be important news. If you are unsure what is trending at the moment, check out Google Trends to see popular topics; share information related to these topics in your posts.

Post Quality Content

Another way to get more likes on your Facebook posts is to ensure they consist of quality content. Just because an article is available online does not mean it is well-written or accurate. Read through any online content before you share it on your profile page. Resist posting material that does not make sense and that has glaring errors in knowledge, grammar or spelling.

When you share only quality content, you get more Likes on your Facebook posts as readers appreciate that you took time to filter the material. As well, your profile will not be passed over for being known for unreadable posts that are poor in quality.

Mention Friends within Posts

Another way to get more Likes on Facebook is to mention Friend’s names within your posts. People will want to read your posts to see how they relate to the information and will often Like the content in return for the mention.

When you mention Friends using the symbol “@” before their names, they receive notifications on Facebook and by email that they have been mentioned in your post. Use the “@” mention feature to ensure Friends do not miss your posts and you do not miss the Likes that result!

Buy Facebook Likes

Another method is to buy Facebook Likes through websites that focus on this service. Several online businesses exist to provide consumers with Facebook fans for a certain price; more fans means more Likes of your posts. Fanpage Hookup, FacebookFans and USocial Facebook Marketing are all examples of these services.

There are many ways to get more Likes on your Facebook posts. Ensure that you share interesting and current content that is also of high quality. As well, mention Friends within the posts to draw their attention to the information and prompt them to press the Like button. You can also buy Facebook Likes through service providers. Increase the number of Likes to your personal and professional pages to get more attention and reads of your online content.

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Now I have to mention friends with my post, thanks Christy.

Oh, thanks for these ideas!

Excellent tips for getting more Likes and potentially increasing traffic as well, thanks!

Thanks for the great feedback everyone!

Great ideas. For the most part, my content gets very few likes on Facebook. One of my articles on another site though went viral and has over 24,000 Facebook likes.

Thanks for the great comment Joe. That's fantastic news about your article!

Chrtisy, i am glad to find you here. This is a great article on how to get more likes on your facebook posts.

Thank-you Katrina. Nice to see you here as well!

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