How Facebook Fatigue Affected Mark Zuckerberg's Company?
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How Facebook Fatigue Affected Mark Zuckerberg's Company?

The condition of Facebook fatigue can be viewed from many different angles and it has got a number of causes. Since prevention is the best cure and the negative consequences of the event are readily visible, a certain strategy of innovation and general restructuring should take place within the company, in order for effective solutions to be applied to the rising problems.

Have you ever heard of the new condition called the Facebook fatigue?

Since the total number of Facebook’s users counts to hundreds of millions, demand on the subject for relevant information would be high.

The major advantages and disadvantages of Facebook’s success

When Mark Zuckerberg, the owner and founder of Facebook decided to turn his idea of this highly successful social networking platform into a real life web application, there is no doubt that he could not predict the vast popularity that his website would enjoy in just a few years’ time.

The ultimate benefit for Zuckerberg was that he managed to make a legendary fortune in such a little time and being so young at the same time and, despite the recent claims for Facebook’s privacy standards being compromised or in fact having many gaps for hackers to exploit unsuspected victims, the application itself has assisted both individuals and businesses to communicate effectively and enjoy their time on Facebook.

What is Facebook fatigue

Facebook fatigue seems to be exactly that i.e. the inability of the famous networking site to meet successfully the increasing needs of its users, especially in the vital and sensitive field of privacy and personal data. In many cases, Facebook has proved unable to protect its members from those seeking to find and exploit their personal details illegally and, as a result, it has received heavy public criticism.

As a result, naturally expected, the initial momentum seems to have stabilized to a more conservative growth rate. On top of that, it could be said that the incredible phenomenon of Facebook’s viral public acceptance has reached to its limit.

The reasons behind Facebook fatigue

a) Innovation has become stagnant for Facebook

Where dig Mark Zuckerberg really go wrong? Though Facebook is nowadays one of the most recognizable brands on the planet, it seems that, after the huge success of the initial breakthrough of Facebook in the online world, no actual and substantial improvement has taken place in the structure of the programming application itself and the way that users interact with each other when posting on walls, sending messages, playing games etc. It could be argued that any change would confuse existing users and divert them to competing networking platforms. Yet, change is a necessary factor for the maintenance and growth of success for big companies and Facebook is certainly one of them. Therefore, and after taking into consideration that business cycles are shorter in web businesses than any other form of business, the diagnosis could be that the Facebook’s success has reached to its highest peak, measured in membership numbers which already have started to fall, resulting in an overall decline in the company’s development. Facebook has reached to the critical point at which its directors have to decide whether their efforts should be oriented towards the maintenance of growth by making essential and innovative improvements; otherwise they can agree to do nothing and wait for a natural slowdown and finally for a very dangerous descent.

b) The role of competition on Facebook fatigue

Another aspect that should be seriously taken into account is the fact that numerous competitors have entered the same market, aiming to serve the needs of the same pool of consumers, with the latter being more than willing to explore new opportunities for networking, communication and doing business. A more specific example is the rise of the various niche networking websites appealing to people with certain common interests, one of them being Linkedin, which is well-respected networking platform among professionals.

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