Go Unnoticed On Facebook with the Chat Undetected Extension
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Go Unnoticed On Facebook with the Chat Undetected Extension

Chat Undetected is a recently developed browser extension that allows you to go unnoticed by Facebook Messenger's read receipt feature. Once the free extension is downloaded, your views of Facebook Chat messages sent to your profile will no longer be recorded as "seen" even after you have viewed them on the social media network.

Facebook is a social media network used worldwide on a daily basis. Chat Undetected is a downloadable browser extension that lets you view messages within Facebook Chat without being detected by the read receipt feature of the network.

Read Receipts

Facebook recently included a feature that notifies you when users who you have sent messages via the instant chat area read what was sent. The opposite also applies as your click of an instant message sends a read receipt to the sender. At the bottom of the chat box a checkmark displays, as well as time when text was seen and who viewed it. All of this information appears under the original Facebook Chat message.

While this feature is helpful for senders, recipients of unwanted and annoying instant chat messages may want to go unnoticed while using Facebook.

Reasons to Download Chat Undetected

As a Facebook user, you may not always want your online connections to know when you have read their instant messages. For example, you may not have time to answer the text at that moment or may not want to respond to an awkward invite. Perhaps you do not want to be asked another question from that high-school friend you have not seen in ten years.

Once downloaded, the Chat Undetected extension lets you move around the social media network freely while keeping the Facebook Chat option active. While you can manually turn off the Chat feature on your profile, you may want to keep the communication option open for certain friends or may keep the setting open by default. You simply may not want to turn away potential communication opportunities while online or while you continue to share Facebook posts.

Extension Features

Chat Undetected is available for Google Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer. The extension is free and was developed by Crossrider.

The extension is available to download from the Crossrider website and steps are easy to follow once the green “Get Chat Undetected” button is pressed. Read the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy to be fully aware of the End User License Agreement details and use of personal details information.

Once Chat Undetected is downloaded, you can move freely around Facebook without having to worry about responding immediately to messages. Your profile will continue to show you are online but will not record that you have seen the messages, even when you have read them. Facebook’s read receipt feature is part of a trend of online messaging features across a slew of social media networks. 


Crossrider - Chat Undetected

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Comments (3)

Handy! I finally have found a way to excuse myself from responding to awkward Facebook chat messages, even when I have read them, considering that some could be disturbing, or I might not have the response time either. Awesome, Christy.

I think these social media sites should all be blown to smithereens and us people get back to talking face-to-face! Great article, CB!

Marc, you are funny! Thanks Sarah, glad you find this feature useful as well.